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Y T Enterprises is an organisation with vision and a passion for sustainability through smarter living. We provide technical and strategic sustainability services to support high level of performance, quality and value in the built environment. We help owners realise meaningful and attainable environmental, economic and social sustainability goals through green building certification and beyond. Our core services include:
  • Green building certification management for all IGBC and GRIHA rating systems
  • BuildScape - Green roof & Living wall systems
  • BuildScape - Cool Roof & Water proofing services
  • Green Architecture and Planning
  • Specialised Landscaping
  • Green building marketing support
  • Decentralised waste water treatment system & Rain water harvesting
  • Green building materials and systems procurement
  • Building Simulations

BuildScape is our brand under which we offer cool roofs, waterproofing and a range of specialised landscaping products and services that make your spaces more efficient and help bring nature closer to you.

Our goal is to become a one stop shop for "carbon neutral living" and to have sizeable contribution to reduction of CO2 emissions in our country. To facilitate this we will be launching a whole host of products and services 2013 onwards. Look out for following additions to our portfolio:
  • Energy auditing services for business and homes
  • ECDMs (Energy Conservation Design Measures) to support architects and designers in employing GREEN features within their projects
  • Sustainable operations plan development
  • Development and implementation of client sustainability initiatives for corporates


We acknowledge that our ideals in protecting the environment are at times at odds with our abilities to run our business. It is at the root of this dichotomy where we look for opportunities to change and seek solutions that inspire. For Y T Enterprises, being green is an evolutionary process to implement practices that benefit our employees, our clients, our profession and our cherished natural environment. By examining our daily habits and leading by example, we aim to be an authentic, holistic and complete embodiment of being green in the truest spirit of the word.

Principal Consultant

Yusuf Turab
Managing Director
GRIHA Trainer & Evaluator

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