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Rubotech Cool Roof

We provided a Cool Roof solution at Mr. Huzefa's residence which was suffering from excessive heat gain and water ingress issues. The roof also had large cracks, weed growth, water stagnation and many damages to the upper plaster layer.
  • We carried out a systematic roof repair by grinding open all the cracks and repairing them with super latex cement
  • We chipped open all areas with weed roots and used a special weed killer to clean out any trace of plant growth. We sealed all openings with super latex cement.
  • We cleaned every square inch of the roof of dust and dry moss using wire brush technique and did a thorough water wash of the roof.
  • We liberally applied a coating of sealant primer to fill any pores and made surface ready for cool roof coating.
  • We then applied two thick coats of heat reflecting elastomeric cool roof coating to provide the perfect finish.
  • Final finish was provided using dust resistant high reflectivity emulsion coating.
We only use Dr. Fixit products from Pidilite Industires to carry out all repairs and coatings. BuildScape - Cool Roof comes with an five year warranty against water ingress and paint chipping.