Green Architecture

Inspired contemporary design with impeccable environmental credentials

Y T Enterprises is a full service architectural practice dedicated to thoughtful architecture through the blending of excellence in design, environmentally sustainable building practices, site sensitivity and a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship. Here with us, you will experience how a designed building is not just about the aesthetics and the functions but also about the art of sustainable living.

A common misconception about the work of green and sustainable architecture firms is that they are only concerned with incorporating low-E coated windows, solar panels, insulation, etc. Whilst such factors are integrated into any modern green building - a forward thinking architecture firm will apply their expertise as residential architects to produce contemporary buildings that are as environmentally benevolent as possible, while being aesthetically pleasing.

Our forward-thinking architects, led by Anupriya Subbian and Tahaer Zoyab, (architects, interior designers and urban designers),will arrive at a modern, light, cool and affordable green building for you that is both economical to build and a joy in which to dwell.

Interior Design

Interiors play an important role in the adoption of environmental ways of living. Sustainable interior design, architecture and construction done properly are holistic practices that protect the health of building occupants. Improved indoor air quality can help reduce asthma, flu, sick building syndrome, headaches and respiratory problems that can lead to missed time from work or school and even chronic illness.

Our designers ensure that the designs match your tastes whilst cutting toxins and creating beautiful, efficient and most importantly; healthy spaces to live in.

Green Architecture & Design


Holiday Home at Sirumalai - Dindigul
Architects: Anupriya Subbian and Tahaer Zoyab

  • Two bedroom home.
  • The project is on a beautiful estate overlooking the valley and offers a great view of Dindigul town. The design has been conceived on an existing foundation for minimum interference with the landscape. The whole house is raised on stilts to minimize interference with the ground cover as much as possible.
  • The finish is completely conceived with locally sourced natural materials.
  • Maximum openings to allow for maximum light and ventilation, also allowing unrestricted views of the valley.

Residence of Mr Praveen - Coimbatore
Anupriya Subbian and Tahaer Zoyab

  • G+1, 5 bedroom residence.
  • The clients wanted a different approach to the finish of the house with soft edges and smooth curves.
  • Within the space restrictions, we have not only provided maximum lighting and ventilation but have designed double height spaces and sky-lights making for truly luxurious interiors as well.

KRS Towers - Coimbatore
Architects: Anupriya Subbian and Tahaer Zoyab

  • G+2, Commercial building
  • The building is designed such that there is no requirement for artificial lighting throughout the day.
  • Energy friendly usage of UPVC Windows.
  • Landscape and green features such as a living wall and green roofs are incorporated in the project.