Green Building Facilitation

The team at Y T Enterprises are experts at managing the compliance process for LEED, IGBC and GRIHA rating systems. With a design thinking approach, integrated project management and our custom build tracking systems we can ensure that our projects are future ready and  all the documentation required by the assessors is submitted to the respective certifying authority (USBC, IGBC or TERI ADARSH).

Our goal is to help our clients obtain a desired status of green building certification -- green building recognition, while maintaining initial project expectations for quality, delivery cost, and schedule adherence. We will ensure that every stake holder is on-board and is instructed well in advance of what documentation needs to be provided and what they need to do to ensure the relevant criteria for each credit is met.

As green building facilitators, we develop the scope of work for sub-consultants and contractors, then ensure the project earns applicable points required to achieve a green building status.

Planning for green building certification early in the development process helps avoid potentially expensive additional service requests from design consultants and contractor change notices during project delivery.

Therefore, the sooner you can get us involved in your green building project, the more effective the design, construction and delivery will be.

Please contact us if you require any further information regarding our green building ratings facilitation services.

The following is the scope of work under the IGBC, USGBC and GRIHA ratings facilitation:
  • Design feedback, compiling information and then project registration.
  • Preparation of the actual green building strategy keeping in mind minimum investment and maximum returns.
  • Carrying out energy simulations, shading analysis, daylight analysis and fresh air ventilation analysis.
  • Regular meetings with all stake holders making it clear well advance the requirement to meet each credit and assigning responsibility for the same.
  • Compiling information for the pre-certification and submitting the same to the certifying body.
  • Compiling all documentation, photos, technical specification of materials, various calculations, invoices for materials, getting the required authorisation letters and signatures from stake holders and any other write ups and documentation required by the certifying authority to carry out the assessment of the project.
  • Providing material specifications, its application and recommended supplier.
  • Duly submitting all documentation and act as a one point contact for the certifying authority and respond to any clarifications they might require.
  • Being accountable if any targeted credit is missed due to poor submissions or due to misinformation provided to the responsible stake holder.
  • Provide assistance in creating a clear marketing campaign and help generate awareness of the Green credentials of the project. This includes creating an on-line presence for the project, writing a case study, meeting with prospective buyers to explain the green building features of the project.
  • Provide feedback on any branding, marketing and sales related activities during the course of the project.
  • Regular site visits to keep the contractors up to date on the requirements and to ensure the criteria are stringently followed.
  • Providing any green building design guide books to a stake holder if necessary.
  • Provide any other service and assistance within scope.
Green Building Consultant