Mount Royale - Jade Block

Y T Enterprises has successfully completed the facilitation of SVA GRIHA rating for Mount Royale - Jade Block, GV Residency, Coimbatore.

Mount Royale Jade Block

Client: Mount Housing & Infrastructure Limited

Mount Royale - Jade Block achieved a two star rating in the SVA GRIHA Green building rating system

Embracing principles of sustainability from the project’s inception, Mount Royale - Jade Block is the first SVA GRIHA Green Building rated development in Coimbatore. Utmost care was taken in the planning stage to ensure every aspect of sustainable living is taken into account and incorporated in the project.


Following are the features, strategies, techniques and materials used to ensure your home is as green as possible:

Sustainable Site Planning
  1. All required environmental clearances and government approval were obtained.
  2. The project has over 50% of its open area under soft landscaping or under shading from trees to minimise site disturbance, thereby reducing heat island effect and long term environmental impact.
  3. Six trees have been planted in Mount Royale - Jade Block (one for every 250 Sq mts) to ensure the drive way is shaded by trees, thereby minimising the heat island effect.
  4. The entire roof area of the building has been installed with high performance cool roof materials, thereby reducing the heat gain in the homes and also reducing the impact on the micro climate.
Quality of life
  1. Many basic house hold amenities are within walking distance or a short drive away to reduce auto-mobile use and enhance quality of life.
  2. A owner’s manual has been created to educate and help the home owners lead a sustainable lifestyle and ensure residents are aware of all basic information relating to their homes.
Water Efficiency
  1. Mount Royale - Jade Block is a zero rain water discharge development. All rainwater from roof and non-roof run off is percolated into the ground.
  2. All flush and flow fixtures used in your home are at least 25% more efficient in comparison to conventional fixtures available in the market.
  3. The entire landscaping has been planted with local drought tolerant species to reduce the water use for irrigation.
  4. Irrigation systems like central shut off to use water more efficiently.
  5. Water meters have been provided for every home to monitor the major areas of water use.
Energy Efficiency
  1. Various passive design measures have been taken to ensure minimum heat gain without compromising on day-lighting and ventilation. Through the use of cool roof, high performance windows & efficient lighting in the common areas the building has been made at least 20% more energy efficient compared to conventional homes of the same size.
  2. The walls have been made using thermally efficient Wienerberger-Porotherm bricks which insulates the home against the heat outside and reduces heat loss when using air conditioners.
  3. Every home has been provided with its own thermal solar water heating system to meet 100% of the resident’s hot water needs.
  4. The development uses BEE 5 star rated water pumps along with energy efficient lifts in the building.
  5. The lighting meets the Energy Conservation Building Code 2007 standards for lighting power density.
Waste Management
  1. Every household is provided with two bins, one for organic waste and the other for inorganic waste. There is also a dedicated area to store metals, e-waste, plastic, paper, lamps and batteries for recycling.
  2. All organic waste is composted and the compost is used as a soil conditioner in the gardens.
  1. The total money value of all the recycled content used in various building materials in the project is over 25%, thereby reducing the environmental impact caused due to the use of virgin materials.
  2. The entire building has been constructed using Pozzolona Portland Cement which contains waste flyash thereby reducing the overall embodied energy of the building by over 5%.
Indoor Environmental Quality
  1. All spaces have been designed to allow optimum day lighting, thereby helping productivity of the occupants and providing a connect with the outdoors.
  2. Every living space has been provided with optimum size operable windows to allow fresh air ventilation, thereby avoiding indoor air pollution caused by indoor pollutants.
  3. Following the guidelines provided by the SVA GRIHA all paints, adhesives & sealants used in the buildings are low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), thereby minimising the adverse health impacts caused by emissions from such chemicals.
The Jade Block at Mount Royale has only four duplex apartments ultra luxury apartments with a private pool each. Who says luxury and building green cannot go hand in hand?

Our Scope of Work
  • SVA GRIHA ratings facilitation services through co-ordination with TERI ADARSH.
  • Creating a green building strategy to achieve the targeted level of rating.
  • Help optimising cost of building green.
  • Integrated project management and stakeholder co-ordination.
  • Marketing support.
  • Materials, systems procurement and advisory services.
  • Guidance on best practises.
  • Regular site visits for measurement and monitoring.