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Mr. Narayanaswamy Residence

Y T Enterprises has provided a complete landscaping solution at Mr. Narayanaswamy residence in Coimbatore. This project has the best of BuildScape complete with a green roof, living wall, a water body, site landscape and kitchen garden.

The BuildScape - Green Roof has been constructed with our best Dr.Fixit three layer waterproofing system, Dr. Fixit two layer root barrier coatings, a drainage layer, a filter medium, our best mix of light weight growing medium and completed with a Mexican grass lawn. The green roof has its own semi automatic sprinkler irrigation system to ensure optimum watering and evaporative cooling of the surroundings. The green roof system also saves large amounts of energy by providing insulation and radiant cooling to the floor below. To learn more about the benefits of a green roof, please read our blog, Green Roofs : Ideal for Green Buildings in India.

The BuildScape - Living Wall used here is our custom designed easy to maintain bio-wall system with its own semi automatic drip irrigation system.