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Saffron's Peace Cottage

Y T Enterprises - BuildScape executed the complete green roof system at Saffron Peace Cottage, Coimbatore a soon to be inaugurated project by the renowned builders Saffron Shelters.

The following method was followed to ensure a long lasting and trouble free green roof.
  1. The concrete slab was waterproofed with a basic polymer modified cement waterproofing
  2. Then protection screed and grano layer.
  3. Planter boxes were constructed as per design and did basic waterproofing before plastering.
  4. We did haunching in the planter boxes as well
    ​ as the regular roof areas.​
  5. All drainage piping is exposed to facilitate quick repairs
  6. ​The drainage pipes will be covered neatly with pebbles or custom made plastic boxes that sit neatly on the pipes. Any clogged drains can be repaired without removing the soil. ​

  7. Then we did the four layer waterproofing and root barrier treatment.
  8. The drain boards have been installed at the bottom and on the sides to ensure no wet soil comes in contact with any surface.
  9. A 200 GSM geo-textile is installed over the draining-boards and planting was done using an ultra lightweight growing medium (only 50% soil)  

Additional waterproofing of bathrooms, sump and OHT was also executed by the BuildScape team.