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Living walls have the potential to change the urban landscapes forever. Y T Enterprises is the first company in the Coimbatore region to provide turnkey living wall systems through its brand BuildScape. The living wall systems come in two attractive options, the green wall and the bio wall. These living walls can be installed on any interior or exterior wall surface with sufficient sunlight and can be expanded to any size.

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How it works

The panels are made of weatherproof HDPE plastic which have a life of more than 20 years. The panels are filled with our propitiatory growing medium which is light weight and has a high water retention capacity. The plants are selected based on the amount of sunlight available and are pre-grown in the panels at the nursery. Roots are allowed to spread throughout the panel to provide quick growth and a lush green wall. The plants are watered through a drip irrigation system and hence are low on maintenance but occasional trimming and fertilising might be required.

The scope of work involved in installing the BuildScape - Living wall systems are:
  1. Understanding client requirements in terms of space, plants and size.
  2. Pre-growing the panels with plants in the nursery as per the design for 4 to 8 weeks.
  3. Once the plants are sufficiently mature the panels will be installed on site.
  4. Semi automatic concealed drip irrigation system will be installed within each panel and connected to the plumbing line.
  5. Every green wall comes with a five year warranty and one year free maintenance contract.

Contact us if you wish to view the BuildScape installation at our demo facility and also check the quality of components used in our systems.

Green Walls to fight pollution