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YT Enterprises has worked with some of the most innovative, sought-after green builders in the industry. Our goal is exceed your expectations of excellence. We invite you to review a few of our many recent projects to get a feel for our work. We believe that our work speaks volumes about the quality of our offerings. Please use the sort option below the list headings to find the most relevant case study.
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Project NameProject TypeClient NameDescriptionStatusProject Webpage
Project NameProject TypeClient NameDescriptionStatusProject Webpage
Covai Chinmayam Green Building Covai Property Centre Pvt Ltd IGBC Green Homes Facilitation, Marketing & Training In Progress Click here - Covai Chinmayam 
Unishire Weave Green Building Unishire Properties LLP IGBC Green Homes facilitation, marketing & training services In Progress Click here - Unishire Weave 
eFacility - Sierra ODC Headoffice Green Building Sierra ODC Pvt Ltd LEED India facilitation & advisory services In Progress Click here - eFacility 
#Six Hotel Green Building Hallmarc Hospitality IGBC Green New Buildings facilitation, marketing & advisory services In Progress Click here - #Six 
Roots Industries Farmhouse Green Building Roots Industries Ltd IGBC Green Homes Facilitation & advisory services In Progress Click here - Roots Farmhouse 
Mount Raindrop Green Building Mount Housing & Infrastructure Ltd IGBC Green Homes facilitation, marketing, training & advisory services In Progress Click here - Mount RainDrop 
Unishire Verzure Green Building Unishire Properties LLP IGBC Green Homes rating facilitation, marketing & training services In Progress Click here - Unishire Verzure 
Mount Royale - Jade Block Green Building Mount Housing & Infrastructure Pvt Ltd SVA GRIHA rating facilitation & passive energy features design Completed Click here - Mount Royale - Jade Block 
Serene Pragati Green Building Covai Property Centre Pvt Ltd IGBC Green Homes ratings facilitation for retirement homes (project on hold) In Progress Click here - Serene Pragati 
Serene Sri City  Green Building Covai Property Centre Pvt Ltd IGBC Green Homes Version 1.0 facilitation (project on hold) In Progress Click here - Serene Pragati 
Mr. Ramesh Farmhouse Water Management Ramesh Subramanian Design, project management and commissioning of Decentralised Waste Water Treatment & Rainwater Harvesting systems for farm In Progress Click here - Ramesh Farmhouse 
Mr. Narayanaswamy Residence Green Roof Mr. Narayanaswamy - Ranganathan Industries Design, execution & maintenance of Green Roof & Living Wall Completed Click here - Narayanaswamy Residence 
Ahuja Haven Landscaping VA Group Landscape execution as per design and periodic maintenance Completed Click here - Ahuja Haven 
Vijayaraghavan Residence Landscaping Akhila Vijayaraghavan Landscape design, project management, execution and periodic maintenance Completed Click here - Vijayaraghavan Residence 
Agarwal Residence Landscaping Durgaa Enterprises Design, execution and maintennce of landscape with artificial beach and living walls Completed Click here - Agarwal Residence 
Vignesh Mahal Marriage Hall Landscaping Vignesh Mahal Landscape design, project management & execution Completed Click here - Vignesh Mahal 
Amrit Villas, Vadavalli Green Roof Amrit Villas Material supply, waterproofing & root barrier treatment Completed Click here - Amrit Villas 
Kovaipudur Bungalow Landscaping Landscaping Design & execution of landscape and water fountains Completed Click here - Landscape, Kovaipudur 
The Karadu Eco Resort Green Architecture & Design Oriental Heritage Pvt Ltd Nature resort conceptualisation, architecture design & planning. Design of Decentralised Waste Water Treatment System In Progress Click here - The Karadu - Eco-resort 
Dr. Krishnaveni Residence Green Roof Dr. Krishnaveni Design & execution of intensive green roof Completed Click here - Dr. Krishnaveni Green Roof 
Mount Royale Cool Roof Mount Housing & Infrastructure Ltd Five layer cool roof & intensive green roof waterproofing Completed Click here - Mount Royale 
Prachi Exports Factory Cool Roof Cool Roof Prachi Exports Bitumen sheets removal, waterproofing & 4 layer cool roof Completed Click here - Prachi Exports 
Mr. Abuthahir Residence Cool Roof Cool Roof Classic Towers Roof repair, waterproofing and 3 layer cool roof Completed Click here - Mr. Abuthahir Residence 
Mehta Residence Cool Roof Unishire Group General cleanup & 3 layer cool roof Completed Click here - Mehta Residence 
Shah Residence Cool Roof Cool Roof Bhavin Shah 3 layer cool roof, water tank waterproofing and anti fungal coating Completed Click here - Shah Residence 
Mr. Sundar Residence Cool Roof Shyam Sundar 3 layer cool roof and tile repair Completed Click here - Sundar Residence 
Shroff Residence Cool Roof Shroff International 3 layer cool roof Completed Click here - Shroff Residence 
Mr. Krishnaraj Residence Cool Roof Pradeep Krishnaraj 3 layer cool roof coating Completed Click here - Krishnaraj Residence 
Mr. Nair Residence Cool Roof Mr. Nair 3 layer cool roof and wall coating Completed Click here - Nair Residence 
Mr. Kota Residence Cool Roof Tejas Jewellers 3 layer cool roof coating and general cleanup Completed Click here - Kota Residence 
Sugam Hotels Cool Roof Sugam Hotels Waterproofing & 3 layer Cool Roof Completed Click here - Sugam Hotels 
JD Khona Headoffice Waterproofing & Building Repair JD Khona All bathroom and wet area waterproofing Completed Click here - JD Khona 
TV Brothers Warehouse Waterproofing & Building Repair T V Bros Roof crack repair and Waterproofing Completed Click here - T V Brothers 
Sri Venkateswara College Waterproofing & Building Repair Sri Venkateswara College Water Fountain Repair Completed Click here - Venkateswara College 
Dolcie Kitchen Garden Landscaping Dolcie Bake Shop BuildScape - Autowatered kitchen garden Completed Click here - Dolcie 
Y T Enterprises Office Water Management Y T Enterprises Green roof, Cool roof, Living walls, Grey Water Treatment and Reuse,  Completed Click here - Our Office 
H2Olistic Water Management N/A Competition for best water management practises - residential Completed Click here - H2Olistic 
Apartment 506 Landscaping Jitesh Bafna Execution of indoor and balcony garden as per design Completed Click here - Apartment 506 
Mount Housing Office Landscaping Mount Housing & Infrastructure Ltd Design & Execution of Landscaping outside office Completed  
White Ink Landscaping White Ink Architecture Studio Regular Landscape Maintenance Completed  
Y T Enterprises Warehouse Waterproofing & Building Repair Y T Enterprises - Sales Division Roof repair and waterproofing of old warehouse Completed Click here - Y T Enterprises Godown 
Mr. Nagaraj Residence Waterproofing & Building Repair R. Nagaraj High Durability Bathroom Waterproofinh Completed Click here - Mr. Nagaraj Residence 
DAR Paradise Hallmarking Center Waterproofing & Building Repair DAR Paradise 5 layer waterproofing and cool roof solution Completed Click here - DAR Paradise 
Laxmi Cycles Waterproofing Waterproofing & Building Repair Laxmi Cycle Company Waterproofing, Bathroom tiles re-grouting and cool roof Completed Click here - Laxmi Cycles 
Saffron House Green Roof Saffron Shelters Complete green roof installation with waterproofing Completed Click here - Saffron House 
Saffron Thulasi Green Roof Saffron Shelters Green Roof solution with waterproofing, root barrier, drainage and filter In Progress Click here - Saffron Thulasi 
Rubotech Cool Roof Cool Roof Rubotech Cool roof with roof repair & water tank waterproofing Completed Click here - Rubotech Cool Roof 
Maruthi Petrol Bunk Waterproofing & Building Repair DAR Paradise Roof Repair, Waterproofing and Cool Roof Completed Click here - Maruthi Petrol Bunk 
Kumaran Residence Waterproofing & Building Repair Sri Krishna Carriers Heavy duty bathroom waterproofing Completed Click here - Kumaran Residence 
Mr. Suraj Residence Living Walls Suraj Shantakumar General landscape design & design, execution and maintenance of 150SqFt Green Wall Completed Click here - Suraj Residence 
Viswanathan Constructions Office Living Walls Viswanathan Constructions Living Wall design, supply of components and plants Completed Click here - Viswanathan Constructions 
Saffron Bougainvillea Waterproofing & Building Repair Saffron Shelters Pvt Ltd Watertank waterproofing and anti-bacterial treatment Completed Click here - Saffron Bougainvillea 
Saffron Buds Waterproofing & Building Repair Saffron Shelters Potable watertank waterproofing and anti-bacterial treatment Completed Click here - Saffron Buds 
VR Complex Waterproofing & Building Repair Vee Aar Complex Potable watertank waterproofing with anti-bacterial/algae finish. Bathroom tile regrouting. Wall crack repair. Completed Click here - Vee Aar Complex 
Saffron 3rd Cross Green Roof Saffron Shelters Green roof solution consisting waterproofing, root barrier, drainage, filter and growing medium. Completed Click here - Saffrons 3rd Cross 
Mr. Sukumar Residence Waterproofing & Building Repair Mr.Sukumar External wall plaster crack repair and refilling using crackX shrinkfree Completed Click here - Sukumar Residence 
Thulasidharan Residence Landscaping Mrs. Anandhi Thulasidharan Design, consulting and execution of backyard garden Completed Click here - Thulasidharan Residence 
KC Jasmine Waterproofing & Building Repair KC Jasmine Residents Association Roof garden removal, repair and waterproofing. Plaster crack repair and Cool Roof Completed Click here - KC Jasmine 
Tranzindia Corporate Ltd Green Roof Mr. V.Mohanraj Complete green roof solution with 4 layer waterproofing and root barrier treatment. Drainage, filter and contoured lawn. large sized potted trees for the roof garden. Completed Click here - Tranzindia Ltd 
Jhabuawala Residence Green Roof Mr. Abbas Jhabuwala Complete green roof solution including waterproofing, root barrier treatment, drainage, filter, lawn and one year maintenance. Completed Click here - Jhabuawala Residence 
Khasamwala Residence Green Roof Huzaifa Khasamwala Complete roof garden solution including design, execution & maintenance. Water tank waterproofing with anti-bacterial treatment. In Progress Click here - Khasamwala Residence 
Shroff Textiles Basement Waterproofing & Building Repair Shroff Textile Exports Specialised basement waterproofing using crystalisation method In Progress Click here - Shroff Waterproofing 
Sphinx Consultancy Cool Roof Cool Roof Sphinx Consultancy Three layer cool roof with damage and crack repair Completed Click here - Sphinx Consultancy 
Mr. Koushik Residence Waterproofing & Building Repair Mr. Koushik Raghunath Heavy duty bathroom and terrace waterproofing through crystalisation with hairline crack repair. Completed Click here - Mr. Koushik Residence 
BuildScape Retail Store Waterproofing & Building Repair Y T Enterprises - BuildScape Waterproofing through crystalisation and general painting works Completed Click here - Buildscape Store 
Ms.Vanitha Vijayakumar Residence Landscaping Ms.Vanitha Vijayakumar Design, execution and maintenance of bakyard landscape Completed Click here - Vijaykumar Residence 
Saffron Dew Drops Waterproofing & Building Repair Dew Drops Resident's Association Tiled water tank waterproofing through re-grouting. External wall crack repair Completed Click here - Saffrons' Dew Drops 
Krishna Bhavan Bathroom Waterproofing Waterproofing & Building Repair Hotel Krishna Bhavan Bathroom waterproofing and rising dampness repair Completed Click here - Krishna Bhavan 
Royal Care Super Speciality Hospital Green Building Royal Care Hospital IGBC Green New Building Rating facilitation & advisory services In Progress Click here - Royal Care Hospital 
Mr.Muralidhar Residence Landscaping Muralidhar V Removing old landscape and reinstalling a fresh new landscape design Completed Click here - Muralidhar Residence 
Vensaa Green Roof Green Roof Vensaa Infra Developers Green roof base layer system complete with waterproofing, root barrier, drainage layer and filter medium Completed Click here - Vensaa Green Roof 
Saffron Beehive Waterproofing & Building Repair Saffron Shelters Internal dampness repair, bathroom tiles re-grouting and watertank waterproofing and anti-bacterial treatment Completed Click here - Beehive Waterproofing 
Saffron Peace Cottage Green Roof Saffron Shelters Turnkey green roof system complete with waterproofing, root barrier, drainage layer, filter medium and planting. In Progress Click here - Peace Cottage Green Roof 
Ranka Residence Waterproofing & Building Repair Mr. Vinay Ranka Terrace, OHT, sunken areas and balcony waterproofing In Progress Click here - Ranka Residence 
Paramount Courtyard Waterproofing & Building Repair Paramount Asset Promoters Roof crack repair and waterproofing Completed Click here - Paramount Courtyard 
The Arcadia Waterproofing Waterproofing & Building Repair Hotel The Arcadia Kitchen tiles regrouting using waterproof tile grout Completed Click here - The Arcadia 
Mr. Senthil Residence Waterproofing & Building Repair Mr. Senthil Nandakumar Heavy duty bathroom and balcony waterproofing before tiling Completed Click here - Mr. Senthil Residence 
Hotel Caspia Waterproofing & Building Repair M Square Constructions Basement waterproofing and repairs In Progress Click here - Hotel Caspia 
Mr. Ramesh Residence Waterproofing & Building Repair Mr. Ramesh Chandran Open terrace repair and waterproofing with cool roof finish Completed Click here - Mr.Ramesh Residence 
Mr. Karthikayan Residence Waterproofing & Building Repair Mr. NC Karthikeyan General building repair, plaster crack repair, OTH and terrace waterproofing In Progress Click here - Mr.Karthikeyan Residence 
Paramount Teak View Green Roof Paramount Group Turnkey 9 layer green roof system and bathroom, OHT and sunken slab waterproofing In Progress Click here - Paramount Teak View 
Saibaba Colony Residence Waterproofing & Building Repair Saffron Shelters Overhead tank waterproofing and anti bacterial coating Completed Click here - Saibaba Colony Residence 
Sattva Navaratna Green Building Salarpuria Sattva Group GRIHA V.2015 green building facilitation along with marketing, training and advisory services In Progress Click here - Sattva Navaratna 
Diamond City Vyoma Green Building Diamond City Developers IGBC Green Homes Facilitation, marketing and advisory services In Progress Click here - Vyoma 
MLL Complex Terrace Waterproofing Waterproofing & Building Repair MLL Occupants Society Complete roof repair after removing old bitumen sheets and acrylic waterproofing Completed Click here - MLL Complex 
Jalpaan Restaurant Landscaping Paramount Asset Promoters Old roof repair, landscaping, water body design and execution and high end living wall Completed Click here - Jalpaan Restaurant 
Mr.Vibheeshan Residence Waterproofing Waterproofing & Building Repair Mr. Vibheeshan Roof gradient repair with four layer fibre reinforced acrylic waterproofing. General ceiling repairs were included. Completed Click here - Vibheeshan Residence 
Unishire LaVida Green Building Unishire Group IGBC Green Homes Facilitation and advisory services. Includes marketing and training assistance. In Progress  
Badiga Residence Waterproofing & Building Repair Mrs. Udayashree Badiga Terrace repair and waterproofing, cool roof, internal and external crack repair, watertank waterproofing Completed Click here - Badiga Residence 
Burhani Hardware Building Waterproofing & Building Repair Saffron Shelters Bathroom core cut packing and waterproofing, overhead tank waterproofing Completed Click here - Burhani Building 
Good Shepherd International School Green Building Good Shepherd School IGBC Green Existing Schools Facilitation, performance analysis and advisory services Completed Click here - Good Shepherd School 
Unishire Wynn Towers Green Building Unishire Group IGBC Green Homes facilitation, marketing, training and advisory services In Progress Click here - Wynn Towers 
eFacility Waterproofing and Pressure Grouting Waterproofing & Building Repair Saffron Shelters Filling all voids in the walls through pressure grouting. In Progress Click here - eFacility 
Diamond City Vyoma Landscaping Landscaping Diamond City Developers Design, landscaping and maintenance at Diamond city site office. Completed Click here - Vyoma Landscaping 
Chajjed Residence Waterproofing & Building Repair Mr.Rakesh Chajjed Bathroom, terrace and roof garden waterproofing In Progress Click here - Chajjed Residence 
DK Gupta Residence Waterproofing Waterproofing & Building Repair Mr. DK Gupta Compound wall repair, waterproofing and painting. Design and installation of polycarbonate sheets. Completed Click here - Gupta Residence Waterproofing 
Rubotech Factory Waterproofing & Building Repair Rubotech Roof repair and 4 layer waterproofing heavyduty waterproofing Completed Click here - Rubotech Factory 
Sai Amaranta Landscaping Fairyland Constructions Pvt Ltd Creating plant palette and landscape execution including maintenance Completed Click here - Sai Amaranta Landscaping 
Uma Krishnan Residence DWWT System Water Management Ms. Uma Rathnam Krishnan Design of Decentralised Waste Water Treatment and Reuse system with capability to store rainwater In Progress Click here - Uma Krishnan DWWT 
Gadli Residence Waterproofing & Building Repair Mr.Taher Gadli Bathroom and terrace waterproofing. All external painting and putty services In Progress Click here - Gadli Residence 
Khasamwala Residence Waterproofing & Building Repair Yusuf Khasamwala Bathroom and terrace waterproofing Completed Click here - Khasamwala Residence 
Dhanerawala Residence Green Roof Murtaza Dhanerawala Balcony green roof system on full turnkey basis along with bathroom waterproofing In Progress  
eFacility Green Roof Green Roof Saffron Shelters Installation of 9 layer green roof system with waterproofing, root barrier, drainage, filter and ligth weight growing medium. In Progress Click here - eFacility Green Roof 
ZF Windpower Cool Roof Cool Roof ZF Windpower Ltd BuildScape carried of a 4 layer waterproofing, cool roof and roof repair at ZF wind admin building. Project size was 20000 sqft Completed Click here - ZF Windpower 
Asset Northern Star Green Building Asset Builders Pvt Ltd IGBC Green Homes facilitation, marketing & advisory services In Progress  
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