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Autowatering Pots

Now, you do not need to water your plants....... EVER

Y T Enterprises BuildScape offers a unique auto watering planting system on a turnkey basis that will save you a lot of time, a lot of water and some money as well.

Benefits of the System

  • Save precious resources - time & water (over 85% more water efficient than conventional watering).
  • In a Water Smart Pot you can grow multiple crops within the same pot.
  • Marvellous growth of plants - vegetables, fruits & ornamentals since roots get water as and when required.
  • No spillage of muddy water around the pot

BuildScape - Autowatering Pots

How Does it work?

The Water Smart Pot is divided in 2 parts - the top chamber (filled with activated organic soil) and the bottom chamber (filled with water).
There is connector between these chambers through which water is passed to the plants as per its requirement by capillary action. The bottom chambers of all pots are inter-connected and through the principle of equilibrium the water level stays the same in all pots provided they are at the same height.

The scope of work involved in installing the BuildScape - Auto-watering pots is:
  1. Understanding client requirements in terms of plants, space and plumbing.
  2. Installing the pots, setting up the automated irrigation by connecting to the plumbing line or a mini tank.
  3. Testing/correcting the water flow and capillary action in all the pots.
  4. Planting the pre-ordered plants (plants will be pre-grown in the nursery if the requested plants are not available)
  5. Every auto-watering system minus the plants comes with a five year warranty.
Contact us if you wish to view the BuildScape installation at our demo facility and also check the quality of components used in our systems.