Who Should Get Certified

We recommend green building certification to any project owner who wants their building to be ‘Lean, Clean, Green’.

LEAN: using good design to make passive and hybrid strategies part of the solution. CLEAN: applying low carbon
GREEN: leveraging renewable technologies to a higher degree because the energy requirements of the building are now greatly reduced.

BUILDING IT LEAN, CLEAN, GREEN might be the only way to reduce the impact of the building on the environment but we do not lead our message with the environmental story or the moral issue alone. We lead our message with the business case. The business case isn't just that green building saves money on energy and water. It's that Green Building certification sells buildings to high-end clients and governments.

Its a common argument that certified green building is suitable only for projects where the owner is going to be the primary occupant so that they can reap the benefits of the additional investment made by them in the superior quality, comfort and savings provided by the building. While this is true in some cases, it also must be noted that for a speculative developer to go out and advertise their property as being Class A [the highest-quality commercial building], they've got to have a green building rating. The brokers need that as part of their pitch. People who would have been ambivalent about that as a moral issue are finding that it's a commercial necessity. These buildings often command a premium over their regular counterparts.


Building types include – but are not limited to – offices, retail and service establishments, institutional buildings (e.g., libraries, schools, museums and religious institutions), hotels and residential buildings.

Contact us if you are unsure whether your building project is a candidate for Green Building certification or if you are not sure which rating system is the most suited for your project. We will carry out a feasibility study based on your requirements and we might also be able to estimate the most practical certification level the project should aim for.